The audio page ("don't always believe what you hear")


I had some short audio clips recorded at a professional recording studio. I made a clip
for each of of the 10", 12" and 15" head drums. It sounded great but then through my
computer with itty-bitty speakers it left much to be desired.

I decided to go ahead and add them to the site (fingers crossed) and those with good
computer sound equipment will hear something close to the real sound the drums make.
I formatted the files as .WAV files at 44,100hz, 16 bit stereo, So the sound is really  there
for those with good equipment. The bad news is the files are large for about 4 seconds of
play time. Sorry

Well, with the above disclaimer click the audio buttons below and maybe get a sense of
the awesome sounds Joyful Vibrations Drums can make!!

Oh..And down below these listen to my nephew Andy a professional drummer exploring the sound
        potential of my F-series (13.5 inch diameter) drums. Andy got an F-series drum for his birthday and
        sent me a mp3 formatted sound clip which is about a minute long.

(.wav/722KB)   (.wav/692KB)  (.wav/844KB) 

Hear Andy on his F-series drum here 
                                                                          (.mp3 /537KB )

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