Ordering a Joyful Vibrations Drum

A comment on ordering a Drum:

First contact me to let me know what drum you are interested in. Sometimes I don't get the "sold" sign up on a drum before there is a second buyer after it.

I believe it is too early yet to offer on-line ordering. I just don't think the internet is secure enough for passing credit card numbers around.

At this time I am only accepting a check or money order. Make your check out to Joyful Vibrations Hand Drums .

The shipping cost must be included. E-mail me or phone me to get shipping costs. They vary from about $60 to $200 dollars for the U.S. and considerably higher outside the U.S. 

Packing includes double boxing and plenty of protective padding.

E-mail or call me for an estimate on shipping costs

Upon receipt of your check I will package, insure, and mail your drum via UPS. Please check shipment carefully. If there are problems, save all packing materials for UPS inspection, and contact them immediately.

You can order or get more information in the following ways:

      E-Mail to: toms@joyfuldrums.com
	(e-mail your comments even if you're not ordering. I would like to hear from you!)

      Snail mail send to: 
Joyful Vibrations Hand Drums
Tom Stewart 
711 Hastings Ave.
Port Townsend, WA 98368

 Telephone: (360)-385-1523

 Monday through Friday 8:am-8:pm MST

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