The Numbering System for Joyful Vibrations Drums

There is a number given to each Joyful Vibration Drum. I hand write the number along with my personal signature and date a short ways up on the inside of each drum. I am also using this number as titles under the thumbnail pictures of the drums on my  home page. This number is also intended as a catalog ordering number if your are interested in buying one of the drums.

Here is an explanation of the numbering system.

Using the the drum numbered #60-11D as an example:

I am currently making seven different shell shapes I've labeled as A, B, D, E, F, G and H.

What happened to the C style you ask? I made one C style shell. It was an attempt to create my own conga style drum (fat in the middle and small at the top and bottom). It came out very well. I used African Zebra wood for the finish layer along with a fancy carrying handle. But the sound was a total flop. I'm still working on why. Meanwhile some nice lady is considering buying it to make a coffee table out of it. I need to discuss the problem with some other drum builders or percussionist out there. I'm not giving up on it yet. Now, Artist's don't usually advertise their flops but you may click the highlighted flop here if you want to see a picture of one.The Big Flop! 

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