Tom Stewart -Drum Maker, Craftsman/Artist

Associate Professor, Tom Stewart, resigned after 25 years of teaching applied mathematics, engineering, and computer science. After this "teaching burn out" he had no idea where life would take him next.

Drawn to an African dance and drumming troupe that came to town, Tom decided to participate in their workshop. He was swept into a hidden part of himself and further inspired when the teacher whispered into his ear, "there is something happening here with you and drum; maybe you should go home and make one for yourself".

And so it began. His first drum was humble, but now over 160 drums later, Tom's handcrafted drums have developed into world-class art. His richly designed inlayed wood patterns express fine artistic lines, color and visual beauty. The sound quality is excellent with tones varying in range creating Joyful Vibrations, which resound through the human spirit!

"As I continue my work I am experiencing a growing sense of a spiritual connection through my drums. To work with all the beautiful woods and their swirling grains and the richness in color that comes out with the first coat of varnish, heating and forming the metal tuning hardware, and preparing the animal hides brings my thoughts closer to the source of all things."


Tom's studio/shop is at 711 Hastings Avenue, 

Port Townsend, WA 98368Phone 360-385-1523

His drums are on display in Gallery-9 at 1012 Water Street

Port Townsend, WA 98368. Phone 360-379-8881

You can visit the gallery's web-site at


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