Drum #119-32B "American Elm"

A drum and stand combination

The drum:

The Stand:

       Height: 43.5 inches to the top of the drum head when the drum  is in the stand.


Price: Stand&Drum  $1250 Plus shipping

Carrying case: Custom drum case 70$ extra

Drum Description:

I came across some American Elm boards in a garage sale and it took me back to childhood days in Northeastern Ohio when I had walked to school down a red brick road and solid sandstone sidewalks under a canopy of those beautiful and magnificent Elm trees.

Sadly the trees are all gone now due to the Dutch Elm disease.

In memory of those marvelous trees I made a drum and stand from this wonderful wood.


The drum shell is made up of five laminated wood layers. The inside and outside finished layers are made from American Elm wood. The inside 3 layers are made from kiln dried Douglas fir for added strength.

The steel anchor band and tuning hooks were electro-plated with polished brass. The tuning nuts, thread caps, and hold-down band are solid brass.

The stand is made entirely from the same American Elm wood.

The legs are laminated and the top and bottom horizontal pieces are solid Elm wood. The upper and lower rings are padded with green suede leather and the leg feet have no-slip rubber padding.

I managed a very fine satin finish using 6 rubbed on coats of Polyurethane diluted with 20% thinner and topped with a coat of wax.


I form everything in my shop except the electroplating.

The sound qualities are superb. A rich and deep sounding bass, wonderful tones, sharp slaps, and high ringing rim shots.

You can play the drum either in the stand for standup drumming or separately as a floor drum while sitting in a chair.

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