Caring For Your Joyful Vibrations Drum

Joyful Vibrations Drums will last a life time and can be handed down for more lifetimes with very little maintenance requirements.

You can treat the drum much like you would an expensive piece of furniture. Apply and buff a light coat of wax on the shell occasionally. I apply a very very light coat of Huberd's boot dressing on the drum skin. Use precaution doing this. You don't want to soften the skin causing it to lose it's tension strength.

If you are going to store the drum for a long period of time, I recommend relaxing the skin slightly by loosening the tuning hooks a full turn on the tuning nuts. Oh, by the way, if you store the drum upside down and have a few little mice around look out! A mouse literally cannot get out and after a few days of decay you have a real mess. I had a drum shipped back to me for a new head replacement due to this mouse problem.

In a nut shell, Just give your drum lots of love and I guarantee that it will love you back!

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