Drum # 96-22D Description-Joyful Vibrations

General Description:

Back by popular demand is another " Walnut Twist" drum.

There are five laminated wood layers which make up the shell of this drum. The outside layer is finished in  Walnut. To give this drum the twisted look effect, I spiraled 24 evenly spaced 1/8 wide strips that run from the top to the bottom of the drum. This created 24 spiraled inlay panels. I then cut the inlay pieces to fit the spiraled panels. The end result gives the impression that all the wood has been twisted in a spiral fashion around the drum. The joints are filled with a Regal Red dyed wood filler. The tuning hardware is electro-plated in brass with a solid brass  hold-down band, tuning nuts and thread protection caps.

The sound qualities are excellent. It has a deep rich vibrant bass to a high ringing rim tone. You can get some really great slap sounds too. The drum seems to be very active even when it is not being played!

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