Drum # 94-8E Description-Joyful Vibrations

General Description:

This is the 8th drum I have built in the E-series type. It has a 15 inch diameter head and is the largest drum style I make.

The drum shell is made up of five laminated wood layers. The inside and outside layers are finished in a very special old growth wild cherry wood. A graceful laminated carrying handle made from the same cherry wood is fitted to the drum. The joints on the outside finish layer are v-grooved giving a nice paneling affect. This wood came from a small farm I was raised on in north eastern Ohio.

The drum has been given a sealer coat and two coats of glossy spar varnish. This process really brought out the beauty and depth of this fine wood and will get even richer in texture over time.

The steel tuning hardware is electro-plated with polished brass along with a solid brass hold-down band, tuning nuts and thread protection caps.

The sound qualities are excellent. It has great tones, slaps, and a deep rich bass. (Click "Hear the Drums" link on the home page)

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