Drum # 87-28B Description-Joyful Vibrations

General Description:

The finish layer on this drum is made from a gorgeous piece of Coco Bolo wood. The wood is full of beautifully grained patterns with deep reds,dark oranges and shades of black grains. I was able to get some really nice mirror-image patterns out of it. The digital photo leaves much to be desired to show how rich this wood really is. The joints are v-grooved giving a nice paneling effect to the finished layer. The shell is made up of five laminated layers. The wood used for the four inside layers is straight grained Douglas fir.

The tuning hardware is electro-plated in polished brass with a solid brass hold-down band, tuning nuts and thread protection caps.

The sound qualities are excellent. It has a deep vibrant bass reaching to a high pitched Doumbek sounding rim tone.

I think this drum has exceptional quality and a great buy for the the price quoted above.

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