Drum # 74-3E Description-Joyful Vibrations


General Description:

This is the third drum finished in my new E-series of 15" diameter head drums.
The drum is finished in Coco Bolo wood. It is just full of swirling grains of wood ranging from black to burnt brown to orange in color. I decided this drum should be plain with no inlays and just let the wood speak for itself.

After cutting the 32 strips that make up the finish layer I inverted alternate pieces which created striking mirror images and symmetry in the grain patterns. The joints are v-grooved giving a nice paneling affect.

The tuning hardware is electro-plated in polished brass with solid brass thread protection caps and hold-down band.

The sound qualities are excellent. It has a wholesome deep "chest-thumping" bass up to a high ringing rim. The wide range of tones on this drum provide a lot of sound territory for a drummer to explore!

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