Drum # 73-2E Description-Joyful Vibrations

General Description:

This is the 2nd drum finished in my new E-series of 15" diameter head drums.
The drum is finished in Dark Walnut  wood along with a graceful laminated Carrying handle made from the same wood.

After cutting the 32 strips that make up the finish layer I inverted alternate pieces which created striking mirror images and symmetry in the grain patterns. The joints are v-grooved giving a nice paneling affect.

The tuning hardware is electro-plated in polished brass with solid brass thread protection caps and hold-down band.

The picture to the right shows the head of this drum.  I  "tie-dyed" the goat hide by making a wood dye solution from boiling leftover scraps of the wood.

The sound qualities are excellent. It has a wholesome deep "chest-thumping" bass up to a high ringing rim. The wide range of tones on this drum provide a lot of sound territory for a drummer to explore!

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