Drum # 72-18D Description-Joyful Vibrations

General Description:

I like to call this drum "The Walnut Twist".

The drum is finished in Black Walnut. To give this drum the twisted look effect, I spiraled 24 evenly spaced 1/8 wide strips that run from the top to the bottom of the drum. This created 24 spiraled inlay panels. I then cut the inlay peices to fit the spiraled panels. The end result gives the impression that all the wood has been twisted in a spiral fashion around the drum. The joints are filled with an off-white or antique-white wood filler. The tuning hardware is electro-plated with polished brass and solid brass hold-down band, tuning nuts and thread protection caps.

The picture to the right shows the head of this drum. I Tie-Dyed the goat hide using a dye solution made by boiling left over scraps of wood.

The sound qualities are excellent. It has a deep vibrant bass to a high ringing rim tone. This drum seems to be very active even when its not being played!

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