Drum # 62-24B Description-Joyful Vibrations

General Description:

This drum is unique in how the finish layer was created.

The drum is finished in Coco Bolo wood. Buying a piece of Coco Bolo wood is like buying a piece of gold. I have made a few drums out of this wood and have accumulated a lot of scraps that I was not about to throw away. The bright idea came to me to make across-grain cuts rectangular shaped out of the scraps and then surface a drum with them. Sort of like laying bricks. I knew even though the pieces were small that they would break trying to wrap them around the curvature of the drum shell. I ended up gluing fiber glass mesh on the back of each brick then deliberately breaking them over a block of wood with the same curvature as the drum. I glued them onto the drum overlapping joints like laying bricks. The joints and all the random cracks were mortared in with a burnt orange dyed wood filler. The photo may not show well but I continually made the filler lighter in color. Darker at the bottom changing gradually to light peach color at the top. I was trying to get a "darkness to light" effect.

The drum has four inlay panels containing an abstract figure sitting and playing a drum. These were made from Coco Bolo wood cut with the grain. There is a graceful laminated handle attached made out of the same wood. The hardware is electro-plated in polished brass.

I think this drum is really an exceptional art collectors item although it would be great in a drummers hand too due to it's wonderful sound qualities. I haven't hit on a name yet to give this drum. Any suggestions viewers?

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