Drum #169-14G "Broken Hearts"

Size: 8.5 inch diameter head

Height: 12.5 inches

Weight: 4 pounds

Skin: Pakistan goat skin (spine centered)

Carrying case: Custom Coon Hollow canvas case (0ptional @ $74)

Price: $485 Plus shipping

(Price includes Information packet, tuning wrench, and a beginners Conga Joy book written by Bill Mathews)


Drum Description:

This is the 14th drum in my G-series.

The drum shell thickness is made up of five laminated wood layers. The outside and inside layers are made from Ohio wild cherry wood. The laminates for the Cherry wood layer were flip-flopped to create some nice mirror image patterns.

The three inside layers are made from straight-grained Douglas fir.

The inlaid hearts I made by smashing end cuts of the cherry wood and made mosaic hearts out of them.

The joints are filed with ivory colored wood filler. (Only the outside layer mind you)

The steel anchor pieces and tuning hooks were electro-plated with polished brass.

The tuning nuts, Thread Caps, and hold-down band are solid brass.

I form every thing in my shop except the electroplating.

The drum has a surprisingly rich and deep sounding bass for it size. It has wonderful tones, slaps, and high ringing rim shots.

The size of this drum allows it to be played conveniently on your lap. You can also play it standing by fixing a shoulder strap to it. You can also hold it between your knees but will be tiring over a long period of playing. The drum is light weighing in at only 4 pounds. A great little drum for hiking especially with the optional carrying case.

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