Drum #152-36D "Ptarmigan Drummers"

Size: 12 inch diameter head

Height: 24 inches

Weight: 9.5 pounds

Skin: Pakistan goat skin (medium thick spine centered)

Price: $1450 Plus shipping

Carrying case: Custom case $84 extra

Drum Description:

I asked Larry Eifert a well-known nature painter where he and I show our work at Gallery-9 in Port Townsend if he would like to paint one of my drums. He thought it sounded like fun. It would be a collaborative piece between the two of us. It took Larry only a short time to decide what to paint. He processed from drums to mountains and then to wildlife that drum and finally to little prairie chicken-like ptarmigans he sees and hears booming in the western alpine meadows. Actually, he says, there are several species of ptarmigans and they all do more or less the same "drumming" and dancing to call attention to themselves. So, off he went without any sketches or plans, just an idea of mountains and ptarmigans. "They change color with the seasons and are pure white in winter – and they’re the only bird that remains in the alpine throughout winter. But that’s not all: they turn white and brown in spring and fall (like spring snow patches), and look almost brown in summer. In winter, feet are covered with feathers, as well as some of the beak – so air can be warmed as it’s breathed. Quite a bird!"

The drum will be on a turntable for displaying. As you go around the drum you can view all the remarkable changes this bird goes through as the seasons changes.

I played the finished drum for Larry, and there was a point he claimed he could almost think he was in an alpine meadow.

The drum is 24 inches tall, a 12-inch diameter head, with a goat hide skin. The drum weighs 9.5 pounds and the drum shell is made from five layers of laminated kiln dried Douglas fir.

The out side surface was wrapped with fiberglass mesh and stuccoed with two coats of wood filler. The filler was sanded smooth making an ideal surface to paint on. I hand form the wrench tunable hardware with mild steel and have it electro-plated with brass.

The drum has an amazing bass, nice tones, high ringing rim shots, and sharp slaps.

We’re going to display this wonder at Gallery Nine in Port Townsend at Gallery Walk, April 7th 2012. Come in and play it too. It will be available for purchase through Gallery-9.

You can get more information about Larry Eifert and myself at

www.gallery-9.com. Also you can Visit my web site at www.joyfuldrums.com to learn more about Joyful Vibrations Hand Drums. My phone number is 360-385-1523

Gallery-9 is located at 1012 Water Street, Port Townsend WA 98368 . Phone 360-379-8881.


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