Drum #135-19F "Ash & Purple Heart wood"



Drum Description:

This is the 19th drum in my F-series.

The drum shell is made up of five laminated wood layers. The inside and outside layers are made from the Ash wood and the 2nd,3rd, and 4th layers are made from kiln dried Douglas fir.

I was able to get some nice mirror image patterns by alternating the laminates.

The drum is fitted with a laminated handle from the same wood. The red diamonds inlaid are with Spanish Purple Heart wood.

The steel anchor band and tuning hooks were electro-plated with polished brass.

The tuning nuts, Thread Caps, and hold-down band are solid brass.

I form every thing in my shop except the electroplating.

The sound qualities are super with a powerful bass, great tones, slaps and high ringing rim shots.

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