Drum # 111-10F  "Curly Maple" 

Drum Description:

This is the 10th drum in my F-series 13.5 diameter drums.

The drum shell is made up of five laminated wood layers. The four inside layers are made from kiln dried Douglas fir wood.

The outside layer is made from Curly Maple. The laminates were flip-flopped to give some pleasing mirror images of the wood grains. The wood grains give off wavy and/or tiger stripe pattern appearances from different angles of light reflection. The digital photo just doesn’t do justice to this beautiful drum.

The carrying handle is laminated from the same maple with some purple heart strips added.

The steel anchor band and tuning hooks were electro-plated with polished brass. The tuning nuts, Thread Caps, and hold-down band are solid brass.

I form every thing in my shop except the electroplating. There are approximately 50 man-hours spread over a month to make this kind of drum.

The sound qualities are super. A rich and deep sounding bass, wonderful tones, slaps, and high ringing rim shots.

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